Here's what parents are saying about the CFUMC Preschool.

It’s hard to put into words how much this preschool has meant to our family. Our two daughters have both attended, and this year is our seventh year. Our oldest daughter was beyond ready for Kindergarten when the time came. Our youngest is now in Pre-K. There is something very special about the teachers and staff. They really do love the children as their own. CFUMC is a loving Christ-centered family environment that we feel blessed to be a part of.

Brinne & John
Parents of Reece, age 4

When we were searching for a preschool for our daughter to attend, we were looking for more than just an educational environment. We found home in CFUMC preschool. Our daughter is encouraged to explore, taught in ways appropriate for her age and level, brought closer to Jesus and understood and loved for exactly who she is. Having a child with developmental delays is a different journey, and the teachers and staff at CFUMC have been absolutely incredible; her Apraxia is accommodated for, and my husband and I have the utmost trust in this preschool to give her the very best.

Kim and Mike
Parents of Ansley, age 3

The moment we toured Canton FUMC Preschool I felt such a relief. I knew that this would be a place that my kids would thrive. We are entering our 4th year at CFUMC Preschool with 2 children currently enrolled and could not be happier. The teachers do an amazing job, not only educating, but also providing a loving and fun atmosphere for the children to learn and grow, mentally and spiritually.

Stephanie & Phillip
Parents of Myles, age 5 and Isaac, age 2

The teachers and staff at CFUMC preschool love and care for our boys as though they were their own. We appreciate their open communication, making sure we always know what our children have going on and coming up. We could not ask for a more loving, Christ-centered school for our children, and have recommended the program to all our friends with children. It has been incredible to watch our oldest flourish in knowledge and social skills after just one year at the school, and we can’t wait to see how our boys continue to grow and learn at CFUMC preschool for several years to come. Our hearts are happy when our boys ask when they get to go to school again—they truly love their teachers and their school as much as we do!

Scott and Katie
Parents of Joshua, 2, and Jacob 1

We’ve all heard the saying “it takes a village” when it comes to raising a child, because you have to surround yourself with a support system that loves your child as their own. That is exactly what you get with CFUMC Preschool. The teachers and staff become a part of your child’s daily life and most importantly, a part of your family. Our two girls have flourished, been given a passion for learning and have already made life-long friends. We will be forever grateful for our experience at CFUMC Preschool.

Candence and Josh
Parents of Finley, age 4 and Piper, age 3

Before attending CFUMC Preschool, our son was very bashful and covered his eyes when he met someone new.  After a few weeks of being in class, he opened up, made friends, and began enjoying meeting new people everywhere we went. He insisted on saying the blessing he’d learned before each meal.  This affected our whole family. It brightened our meals and we began to have a closer relationship to God as well. Thomas has learned so many wonderful things at school, but most of all, he’s learning about the Lord.  CFUMC has blessed our whole family. We’re so thankful to be a part of CFUMC Preschool.

Nancy and Alex
Parents of Thomas, age 3

We have loved the time our son has spent at CFUMC Preschool. He has grown and flourished in a Christ-centered, loving school. It has been incredible to watch him learn and make new friends while working with an amazing group of teachers. What a blessing for him to build a love of learning!

Mark & Katie
Parents of Robert, age 5

Our family has been so blessed by Canton FUMC Preschool. We credit CFUMC preschool for instilling in our children a love of school and learning, which is so important at an early age. The administration and staff have become family and love our children like they were their own. Once our youngest goes through the preschool we will have spent 11 years in the program and wouldn’t dream of ever going anywhere else. This school is full of talented teachers with true servant’s hearts.

Rand and Stephanie
Parents of Brooks, age 4

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