Relationships are not just important, they are essential...

In fact, we are created for them. Intentional, Christ-centered relationships nurture our faith and make life more meaningful. One thing we know that's true is this: Life is Better Together. 

Intentional community is at the heart of our church—it's the place where we experience God and grow our faith together. Are you ready to see how God works through Christ-centered relationships? If yes, we want to encourage you to find your Connect GroupLife Group, or Spiritual Growth Group!

Connect Groups are relational groups of 4-12 people who commit to meeting once a week for 8 weeks to experience God through the reading and sharing of scripture. Meet others who are looking to experience God, establish Christ-centered community, and grow in their faith. Send us an email at  for more information and to be notified for when the next Connect Group sign-ups will begin.

Find Your Connect Group

Life Groups are transformational groups of 4-12 people who commit to experiencing God, serving, and sharing life together for an indefinite amount of time. Surround yourself with people who will support you, laugh with you, grow with you, and encourage you. Life Groups are open to those who have completed a Connect Group or have participated in a Small Group, and who are committed to weekly attendance.

Find Your Life Group

Spiritual Growth Groups are groups of people who are seeking to grow deeper in faith and relationship with Christ and in fellowship with other disciples. Spiritual Growth Group classes are typically led by one or more group leaders with a Bible reading, lecture, and discussion. Spiritual Growth Groups are always open for new members!

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