3 Year Olds (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday)

Room 111


Lead Teacher: Missy Duignan

Missy has worked with children for over 20 years. She has a bachelor’s in education. This is her second year at CFMC Preschool. Missy is married and has 4 boys. Her favorite part in working with children is watching their growth from the beginning of the year to the end. 

Assistant Teacher: Dana Painter

Dana has a BS Degree in Social Work. She has been teaching at CFMC Preschool for 16 years. She fell in love with this preschool as her own children truly enjoyed and blossomed during their time in this excellent program. Her favorite thing about teaching is that she absolutely LOVES the enthusiasm young children have for life as well as learning new things! 

3 Year Olds (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday)

Room 102

Co-Lead Teacher: Jennifer Stewart

Jennifer has over five years' experience working with children and has been at CFMC Preschool since 2021. She is married and has children. What Jennifer loves most about working with children is seeing their sweet smiling faces and watching their joy as they learn and discover new things.

Co-Lead Teacher: Kimberly Paulsen

Ms. Kimberly has a BA in Criminology and BS in Apparel Merchandising from Auburn. She has been teaching at CFMC Preschool since 2021 and she absolutely loves it! There is nothing better than seeing joy and pride on their sweet faces when they accomplish or learn something new! Kimberly is a mother to two wonderful children. Kimberly and her husband love spending family time at Braves games, the lake, and Disney World.

Room 106

Lead Teacher: Tiffany Cintron

Tiffany has worked with children for 7 years. Her favorite part about working with children is witnessing the excitement on their little faces when they finally learn how to do something they have been working so very hard to achieve! 


Assistant Teacher: Leslie Pauley

Leslie Pauley has 11 years' experience in Education, most-recently being a 4th grade teacher in Cherokee County. She has stepped away from the classroom as her side business has allowed her the opportunity for flexibility in order to be more present with her own children. Leslie is a mom to three children. All of her children have come through CFMC Preschool, and this place already feels like home.

Room 112

Lead Teacher: Krysten Little 

Krysten is a previous first grade teacher and literacy coach and is so excited to begin her first-year teaching 3s at CFMC Preschool. Krysten and her husband, Matt, live in Canton with their two children. Krysten enjoys working with young children and instilling a love of learning. She is looking forward to helping your child get a strong foundation in early literacy and math skills that will set them up for success when they enter elementary school.  

Assistant Teacher: Beverly Skinner

Beverly has a degree in Biology, and she has over 20 years of experience teaching children. She has been at CFMC Preschool since 2004. Beverly enjoys the children’s sweet expressions and cute antics and loves their excitement about learning.

Room 114


Lead Teacher: Jen Bolton

Jen has been working with children since 2006 and has been with the preschool since 2014. She is married and has two children who both attend college. Jen enjoys working with children because she loves seeing the excitement on their faces when they learn something new!  

Assistant Teacher: Yvonne Vega

Yvonne has worked with children since 2005. She has been with CFMC Preschool since 2015. Yvonne loves to inspire children to learn. She is married and has three children.

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