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Books and Studies

The books and studies can be found at these links, but feel free to purchase from another vendor/site if you'd like: 


Join a Ministry: Join an existing ministry at our church that best fits your spiritual gifts, interests, passions, talents, abilities, personality type, and experiences.

Jump in Anywhere: You discover your gifts by getting involved in ministry. If you don’t know your gifts and abilities yet, then just find something that sounds interesting and get involved. You will never know what you’re good at until you get started. If it doesn’t work out, call it an “experiment,” and try something else.

Start a New Ministry: You may have an idea for a ministry that does not currently exist at Canton First Methodist. Spend some time in prayer to determine if this ministry idea is something you would like to pursue. If it is, then contact one of your pastors.

Be Ready to Care: Be ready to care for the hungry or needy wherever you go. Carry gift certificates from your local grocery and department stores like Target or Wal-Mart to give on the spot to those who have need, without worrying about cash. Carry the numbers for local shelters and food services with you so you can help.

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