Go Independent or Join Another Denomination

Many people in the United Methodist Church have become disillusioned with the denomination’s shift in how it views the authority of Scripture and the lack of accountability for those violating biblical and denominational standards. Some of these people feel like the Global Methodist Church is not a good fit for them. These churches are considering becoming an independent church or joining another denomination. As part of our discernment process, the Governing Board will decide whether they believe a church-wide vote at a Called Church Conference is necessary to determine if our church will remain in the UMC or exit the denomination. If our members vote to exit, then we will follow the process the North Georgia Conference Trustees have laid out for disaffiliating churches, and we will be in control of all assets and property to move in whatever direction our church decides.

Here are some things any church considering joining another denomination or becoming independent need to think about:

  • The path of being an independent church is foreign territory for our United Methodist churches that thrive on connectional relationships. Churches need to think through how they will find and attract pastors, where they turn with questions, how they will do national/international mission work, etc.
  • Those wishing to unite with another denomination will be under a new set of beliefs and church rules that might be very unfamiliar to them. They would need to do their homework on any potential new connections.
  • These churches could possibly lose their current pastor if they choose a path the pastor isn’t comfortable with as they move forward.

Check out the resources below for those choosing to go independent or join another denomination:
*As resources become available for those going independent or joining another denomination, they will be listed below.

Disaffiliation Agreement

Steps of Disaffiliation Process Under ¶2553

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