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Maybe you've seen the popular TV show, "This Is US." It is the portrayal of the trials and triumphs of three people who share the same birthday and family identity. One of the underlying themes of the series is the question, "What are the things that connect us, define us, and express who we are?"


The sermon series "This Is US" looks at some of the things - like irrational generosity, abundant living, and giving sacrificially - that connect us, define us, and express who we are as followers of Christ. During this four-week series, you will hear personal stories of our own people who are growing into a deeper faith through stewardship.


Prayer is dangerous...dangerous because prayer changes things. But if we pray the way the Scriptures teach us to pray, it is ourselves that are changed the most.

So much of what we pray is generic, predictable, and safe. If you are ready to experience life in all its fullness, then get ready to pray boldly, pray daringly, and pray with a fire in your soul!


Have you ever wished that life could be less complicated? Technology and technical advancement promises to make our lives easier, but it seems like the world we live in is more complex and complicated than ever before.


Faith and religion are not exempt from the complications and complexities of the world. It appears that what God intended to be relational, we have turned into religion AND religion has separated us from God and one another.


In the mid-18th century, John and Charles Wesley looked at their world and their faith tradition and saw a separation. Perhaps the greatest thing the Wesleys did was take the Christian faith and made it simple, accessible to everyone. All that was required of a person who wanted to be a part of this faith was “a desire to flee the wrath to come and a desire to be saved from their sins” and to follow three rules…Do no harm, Do Good, and Attain to the Ordnances of God.


In this sermon series, we will examine each of these rules and be challenged to apply them to our lives.


These sermons are not a part of any series, but instead stand alone. Check them out. They are on a variety of topics and subjects.  We know you will be blessed.


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