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Asking For A Friend?

This Summer we’re starting a brand new 6-week Sermon Series titled, "ASKING FOR A FRIEND: The Questions No One Wants to Ask.”
We all have questions. Questions about life, love, creation, society, and faith (just to name a few)… But sometimes we don’t always want to ask because of what others may think or do. In this message series we will dive into the questions about faith and the church that we’ve all wondered about from time-to-time, but may not have wanted to ask!

Have you ever wished that life could be less complicated? Technology and technical advancement promises to make our lives easier, but it seems like the world we live in is more complex and complicated than ever before.


Faith and religion are not exempt from the complications and complexities of the world. It appears that what God intended to be relational, we have turned into religion AND religion has separated us from God and one another.


In the mid-18th century, John and Charles Wesley looked at their world and their faith tradition and saw a separation. Perhaps the greatest thing the Wesleys did was take the Christian faith and made it simple, accessible to everyone. All that was required of a person who wanted to be a part of this faith was “a desire to flee the wrath to come and a desire to be saved from their sins” and to follow three rules…Do no harm, Do Good, and Attain to the Ordnances of God.


In this sermon series, we will examine each of these rules and be challenged to apply them to our lives.


These sermons are not a part of any series, but instead stand alone. Check them out. They are on a variety of topics and subjects.  We know you will be blessed.


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