Milestones: 1st - 3rd Grade

Using and Caring for God's Word

As your child grows and becomes a fluent reader, now is an excellent time to begin the spiritual discipline of reading our Bibles. More than just having a Bible, we need to use them. We’ll help you discover creative ways for you, as a family, to dig into God’s word together and turn your child’s Bibles into a scrapbook of their lives with God.

During these elementary school years, your child will be learning how to care for and use a Bible. Habits aren’t formed overnight so provide your child with more structure at the beginning. Be patient, give grace, and model these habits in your own life. Your child will be focusing on developing a regular reading plan, learning the books of the Bible, and how to use the table of contents and concordance.

Church Celebration

Every fall, we present our second through fifth graders with a Bible as a gift from their church family at CFUMC. As a church, we will reaffirm our commitment to walking alongside you and your child as they grow in God’s word.

Family Celebration

Celebrate the day your child receives their Bible from CFUMC. Perhaps guide them to a passage to read as your family celebrates over a meal. Record your child’s name inside their new Bible. The family celebration need not be limited to just this particular day, continue to use and celebrate the gift God has given us in the Bible.

Write your family mission statement. Describe the desires you have for your children as they grow, who you want them to be, and who God wants them to be. Include your children in the discussion and display the finalized family mission statement in your home.

Recommended Reading

For Parents:

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For your child:

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