Milestone: Pregnancy – Age 2

Praying for Your Baby

Children are such an incredible blessing from the Lord. It’s amazing to think God knows your child, before he or she is born, and He chose you to parent His new creation. While you may be going through the physical changes of growth during pregnancy and infancy, or eagerly awaiting the adoption of your child, you can also be cultivating your child’s spiritual growth and development.

We are eager to walk with you on this journey as you seek to raise your child to know Christ. You can begin by praying for your child, even before they are born. Once your child arrives, you can continue to pray for your children. Develop these practices and habits now to lay a foundation that will have an eternal effect on your child’s life.

Church Celebration

A new life is a time of celebration for you and your church family. As a marker for this Milestone we encourage you to baptize your infant.

We are happy to meet with your family privately to answer any questions and plan for baptism. We schedule these services throughout the year to mark this event in your family life and affirm that we as a church body are going to encourage and walk alongside you as you raise your child.

Family Celebration

After your child has been baptized, we encourage you to mark this time together as a family. Extended family and friends are certainly welcome to attend the worship service and we encourage you to continue the celebration with them. Document this special day with photos and perhaps write a letter to your child to be opened at a later date.

The letter could contain your prayers and desires for your child as they grow and could be given to them as they reach a future Milestone in their faith development.

Recommended Reading

Praying the Scriptures for Your Children by Jodie Berndt

Big Truths for Little Kids by Susan Hunt

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