Church Lay Leadership Application

Expectation of all Canton First Leaders: 

  1. A Canton First leader is a committed follower of Jesus Christ, who is an active member of our congregation.

  2. A Canton First leader supports the ministry of Jesus through the local church in the following ways:

    a. Prays for our Church and its leadership 
    b. Regularly attends worship
    c. Is actively seeking to grow deeper in their personal relationship with Jesus
    d. Consistently supports the Church financially, either by tithing (giving 10% of one’s income) or by actively working toward tithing
    e. Willingly serves the Church through volunteering of their time and talents
    f. Seeks opportunities to invite others into a relationship with Jesus and the Church
  3. A Canton First leader is responsible in their use of technology and social media, taking care to do no harm to their personal witness or the witness of Canton First. 

  4. A Canton First leader does not take offense when they are not asked to lead in any given season. 

If you would like to be considered by the Nominations and Lay Leadership Development Team, please complete the form below.


Church Lay Leadership Application

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