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Regifting Christmas

Chances are you would never consider "re-gifting" a gift that has been given to you. It just isn't socially acceptable. And even if you do, it probably wouldn't be your favorite Christmas gift. But that is exactly what our Heavenly Father was thinking when He gave us the greatest gift of all: hope, peace, joy, and love through His son, Jesus. What can you do this Christmas season to give hope, peace, joy, and love to others in the name of Christ?


So many things beg for our attention.  We get caught up in the world, and that is only natural.  However, Lent will beg us to return to God. To make a decision to live our lives according to His will and not our own.  This journey is not to be taken lightly, and if we make a commitment to it our lives will unfold in ways we cannot imagine.



We have three special days coming up that will help us all be inspired to live a new life.  First, All Saints Day.  The saints that have gone before leave an incredible testimony for us all.  Next, Veteran's Day. Here we look at heroes and a sacrifice that we need to be making as well.  Last, Thanksgiving.  What does a life of thanksgiving really look like and how can that way of life lead to abundance?  



We all need a kickstart.  When we get stuck in routines and patterns it is there that God tries to start something new.  This series is going to KICKSTART one thing...your heart.  


Going off road is exactly where God wants to take you today. Off road means letting all of our control go. It means surrendering the direction of our lives. It means getting off the beaten path that we travel every day. Today if you go off road you will find love, peace, adventure, and joy like you have never known. 


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