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If you spend anytime in the summer sun you know how quickly you can get a tan or sunburn. Many of us lather up the sunscreen before we move out to the pool, the beach or the lake. We know without that covering of sunscreen we will get burned!

Join us this summer as we look at the book of Ephesians and what it means to be marked by the Spirit of God and covered in His redeeming grace. You will learn how to pack holiness, love, unity and walk fully in the light of Christ, prepared to put on the full armor of God.


Wonder what would happen if at the end of your life you found out you got it WRONG!  Over the next several weeks we are going to take the life giving power of Jesus and rewrite the chapters of our life.  We are going to allow the truth of the bible, of God’s Word, to shape everything we believe, see, say and do. 


In fact, if you are ready to hit reset on your life then this is the perfect series for you.  Join us as we become COURAGEOUS in our Christian living, and as we allow God to LOVE, LEAD, and LAUNCH our lives into a new way to live. 


You ready for something completely different?  Bring a friend and join us.  We are changing lives.  Let God change yours!!


On March 5th we begin a new series that starts the beginning of the LENTEN JOURNEY for us all.  It will be a time of tremendous spiritual change in our life.  Essentially, it is a time to God is asking us all to RETURN TO ME.  


So many things beg for our attention.  We get caught up in the world, and that is only natural.  However, Lent will beg us to return to God. To make a decision to live our lives according to His will and not our own.


This journey is not to be taken lightly, and if we make a commitment to it our lives will unfold in ways we cannot imagine.

Get ready for it, because it is around the corner, and we cannot wait to journey with you!


A New Year begins and the real, authentic, out of this world you, is ready to launch. Jesus wants that for you. He wants you to fly! However, the desire to fly and actually flying become two different things. For some chains hold us down and clip our wings. Well, we are about to BREAK THOSE CHAINS, and introduce you to the only One that can.

Join us this Sunday for an incredible series that will help you shake off the old chains of 2016 so that you can soar into 2017. The time to be set free is NOW!


This is the time of year where lives can change. We find that 2000 years ago lives were transformed by one thing...God's appearance to the world on Christmas. God APPEARING is a big deal! We remember that God sent the angel to prepare the prophets, Mary, Joseph, the shepherds as they were asked to be a part of the Christmas story. This Christmas season we want you to discover how God is appearing to you to be a part of this life changing moment. God wants to appear to you! Join us this Christmas season for APPEARED!!


What does a new life look like?  We all want to take something old and make it new again.  However, some of us get stuck at times.  We are not moving forward.  We do not experience that excitement and joy a new life can offer.  

We have three special days coming up that will help us all be inspired to live a new life.  First, All Saints Day.  The saints that have gone before leave an incredible testimony for us all.  Next, Veteran's Day.  Here we look at heroes and a sacrifice that we need to be making as well.  Last, Thanksgiving.  What does a life of thanksgiving really look like and how can that way of life lead to abundance?  

Want a new life?  It's just a decision away!  Join us!


Here we are doing a mini series where we will focus on how to put love into action.  Love is a verb that we have made into lip service and complacency.  Rev. Jim hits hard and reminds us to get busy!!


We all need a kickstart.  When we get stuck in routines and patterns it is there that God tries to start something new.  This series is going to KICKSTART one thing...your heart.  When it happens the love of God will overwhelm all you say and do and your life will change.

So are you ready to KICKSTART the most powerful part of your life?  Get on and hold on tight!


Going off road is exactly where God wants to take you today. Off road means letting all of our control go. It means surrendering the direction of our lives. It means getting off the beaten path that we travel every day. Today if you go off road you will find love, peace, adventure, and joy like you have never known. Most of all, you will find a God that loves you and has a purpose for your life. See you OFF ROAD!

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