What is LOVE LEAD LAUNCH? We are glad you asked. To put it simply it is the DNA of Canton First UMC. More importantly, it is the biblical rhythm that God wants us to live out for our lives. It is our desire that everyone would fall in LOVE with God. Next, that everyone would let Jesus LEAD them in an authentic walk throughout their life. Last, that everyone would LAUNCH into the world through mission and multiplication.

In a world, where church has become a consumer driven product, we are wanting church to be a beautiful entry into knowing Jesus Christ.

You can see where you are in the journey. Click on the sections starting with LOVE.  Then proceed to LEAD.  Then to LAUNCH. Let them make you ask questions about your own walk. Then ask us questions. We are here to help you along the way.


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LOVE: I want to know more about making Jesus my Lord and Savior!

LOVE: I would like to be baptized!

LEAD: I would like to attend the New Member Discipleship Celebration Class.

LAUNCH (volunteer): I would like to participate in the GREAT DAY OF SERVICE on June 4th. I have checked below where I would like to participate.

LAUNCH (donate): I would like to donate to these missions.


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